To begin a blog…

January 20, 2009

I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while. Even when I tried to think of it as a new year’s resolution it has taken me almost a month to get going!  It’s surprisingly hard to know what to write in this first post. I don’t want to write too much of an ‘introduction’ as I’m hoping you’ll get to know me more as I post.

There are a few reasons for me starting this. One is that I enjoy reading other people’s blogs and I like the sense of community here in blog-land. Another is that it seems a good place to document little things that happen in life. If I can keep it up for a year that’s one year of little memories that I might not have otherwise. It is also a good incentive to take more photographs.

Lorton Meadows

Like this one of my office, ha ha! This is the nature reserve where i work.

I also enjoy making mixed media artwork and jewellery in my spare time, so this will also function as a place to document that. In turn I hope this will encourage me to create more if I think there might be people looking at what I do! It always helps to feel accountable to someone!




  1. Welcome to blogging! Gorgeous photos!

  2. oooooohhhh love your office, love your banner and the photos and want to see more, enjoy!

  3. Hello, You have won one of my heart in the OWOH giveaway but I couldn’t find an ’email me’ button. Please contact me with your snail mail address so that I can post off you heart to you.
    cheers, Glamgirl

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