January 23, 2009

I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to small objects. I have always loved collecting things, ever since I was a small child bringing various sticks and leaves and feathers home from every walk I went on with my parents. Over the last few years beads and buttons became particular favourites, the excuse being that I would eventually make jewellery from them so the hoarding was ok. Recently this has expanded to include any interesting small objects, from bits of smooth glass to doll parts to tiny bottles and bits of rusty metal in interesting shapes.

I love the idea of using found objects in both my jewellery and art pieces, partly because they can be so interesting and beautiful, and partly because I love re-using and  recycling objects to save them from being thrown into the landfill.


These two brooches were made with a combination of beads, charms and found objects picked up in various places. Some of the beads and gemstone chips were taken from old, broken necklaces and some were new. There are some fuses and an old safety pin covered in new shiny beads and I like the mix of old and new.


I have also made a few pendants and charms from glass found along the beach and I’d like to try more of this type of recycling in my jewellery. Bottle caps are another medium I’d like to try working with, maybe by writing it here I’ll get a move on and try it!



  1. ~*Pretty!*~

  2. Hi! I’m Lisa from swap-bot. I like your blog. Good idea to let your dad climb the ladder on the 1st blog. I hate heights! I love your brooches! They are so pretty. Your atc’s are cool also, I’m going to try to make one….some day! I left my website if you wanna hop over and see it. Have a great Day!!

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