Young People Today…

February 5, 2009

Today I went to a conference on youth-led volunteering. It was so encouraging to see so many young people gaining skills and confidence and getting involved in their communities, and to see how much can be done to inspire them to want to make a difference in the world. It also made me realise how many obstacles there are in the way of many of these projects, how many barriers are put in place to prevent young people from being able to volunteer in their community, whether these are down to funding, training, transport or insurance. Hopefully today was the first step in developing a county-wide network of projects ane resources that will help more young people become involved in volunteering.


I started making ATCs a few years ago, they were one of the things that got me into art again after I left school. These are 2 I made recently for a swap.

I’m always looking for new images to use in my art, and I’ve just discovered a beautiful site by Lisa Vollrath with lots of inspiration and some beautiful images for sale. She is running a Valentine’s countdown with free images every day until the 14th. Click here to see the lovely Valentine images.



  1. Hi Cat
    We wouldn’t have survived these past few days without young volunteers helping to fight our dreadful fires. The fire brigades across many of our regions and towns are all volunteers, be them young, old, male or female. They are the backbone of our country.
    Thanks for your kind thoughts too, we are still in a daze, it’s a time we will never forget, but we will recover.

  2. hi 🙂
    loved checking out your blog, your photos are just beautiful.
    try stay warm in the snow.

    xx jodiz from swap bot swap

  3. Hi!
    I love your blog-particularly your beach photos of the things you found. I will be back to visit again soon.
    Thanks for visiting me too.
    Nice to meet you,
    Sarah 🙂

  4. what a lovely comment! thank you! i love your collage by the way. im so glad you liked the valentines! and happy hearts day to you!

  5. ~*Very pretty! I especially love the image that you used on the ATC to the left!*~

  6. I love your photos and your snow pics. I’m in the
    Central Calif foothills usa and we have had back to
    back snow storms. I don’t cope too well with them but everyone else seems to love to fly through it.
    Good luck with your blog.

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