February 12, 2009

While it is still cold and wintery, especially this time of year when the “exciting” part of winter (i.e. Christmas) is over, I often feel like snuggling up with a blanket, a book and a cup of tea. This is equally comforting substituting hot chocolate, or an art journal, but the idea is the same; to cosy up and ignore the grey and miserable outside. While this nesting impulse is felt by many people at this time of year, it won’t be all that long before some more serious nesting is going on out in the avian world.


Next week is National Nest Box Week so this is the perfect time to clean out old nest boxes or put up new ones for our feathered friends. The trusty old box above has been used in our garden by blue tits for the last four years, when it replaced an even older one.

This is the remains of last years nest that we have taken out. One of their favourite nest lining materials seems to be hair so when I had quite a bit cut off last year I put some in a little net bag in the garden and they were constantly pulling bits out of it and flying with it back up to the box. (Just to explain the red stuff in the picture. Sorry if anyone thinks it’s gross.)


There is a lot of info on the BTO website, including this handy how-to for building your own box.

Of course, I don’t actually do the hard bit up the ladder. Thanks Dad!




  1. This is interesting!
    I had no idea that birds will use human hair!
    I’ve seen dog fur before, but not really human hair.

    I have birds that nest on my window sill all year round.

    They are nice to have close by especially during the winter, they make cool noises!

    I’m here to look around your blog!

  2. Thanks for entering the giveaway! Keep an eye on your email in case your name is drawn. :)Lisa

  3. Hi Cat…me again. I wanted you to know you were a winner in my giveaway! Please see my blog on what info I need. Thanks!! :)Lisa

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