Apology. With flowers.

March 8, 2009

Sorry for the slightly longer than intended absence from blogging. It’s funny, after the first week or so, when I was just busy, I found that whenever I had the time to sit down and write I couldn’t think of anything to say. Then it became a bit of a demon, something that I should do, not something that I wanted to do, and the longer I left it the harder it was to think of something to write about! I didn’t start this blog for it to become a chore, so I’ve just left it for a bit.


But having spent some time in the last few days catching up with some of the wonderful blogs I follow (many of them listed in the sidebar) I’m feeling much more inspired and ready to get back to regular posting. Does this lack of mojo affect all bloggers at some point? Probably not after only a month of writing! It does seem that most of the blogs I read are updated regularly and don’t seem to suffer from long periods of “I don’t know what to write”. Maybe there is a trick I don’t know about.


Just to prove that spring is really on the way… Even though we were hit by another 4 inches of snow on Thursday!

key charms

These are some charms I’ve made recently for an upcoming charm swap hosted by Amber. They are made from little keys with beads wrapped around them. These old keys are another thing I tend to hoard, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to make use of them and let someone else enjoy them. I’ll try to be back soon to share some little pretties I found recently.



  1. Love those key charms!

    I completely agree with you about it being hard to do a blog post after being absent for awhile. Something that I have discovered is that the things I enjoy reading about the most are the small, every day things that happen in the lives of bloggers I admire. So I am trying to think like that when posting to my own blog. All these lovely women are teaching me to enjoy every aspect of life. it’s always good to know we are not alone in our challenges and frustrations. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  2. No apologies needed. It happens to us all. You have a lovely blog and you take some of the most gorgeous pics I’ve ever seen! So glad you left a comment for me cause now I found you! 😀


  3. […] the letterbox today as the returns had arrived from the charm swap I was in last month. I made these key charms for the swap and the ones I received in return were so beautiful I had to share […]

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