Not quite the weekend…

July 10, 2009

I was really looking forward to the weekend. Just ready to enjoy a relaxing couple of days, house-sitting for Matt’s parents, taking the dog for long country walks, watching the grand prix, having time to cook a few decent meals together… And then I remembered I have to work on Saturday. It’s the Weymouth seafood festival so I have to get down there to help set up a stand and talk to anyone who’ll listen about sustainable fisheries and the Marine Bill that’s currently working its way through parliament. Hopefully I’ll get a bit of time to look at the other stalls and try some of the seafood too!


These are a couple of ATCs that I made for a swap recently, I did a few more but don’t have a working scanner at the moment and I can’t seem to take good photos of them to I had to send them on their way without keeping a record! There is also a card for Matt’s sister who has just gone travelling for a few weeks.


Have a nice weekend, whatever you’re doing!



  1. Hello – a fellow Swap-Botter here. I discovered you through the photos at the Swap Bot homepage. Checked out your Flckr and then found your blog. I’m a new blogger and I’m always looking for inspiration from other bloggers. I found a wonderful idea on your blog. I love the photos of the treasures you find at the “charity” shops. That’s a great idea and as I just found a few treasures myself a couple of days ago (at what we call a flea market), I think I will do the same. A couple of the things I found I will probably alter, so I might take a before and after photo of them.

    Your jewelry is awesome. I’ve not checked out your etsy shop yet. I’m a little hesitant to do that…because I will be tempted I’m sure. =)

    I have really enjoyed the photos you have posted of the UK countryside. The UK seems so romantic to this ol’ midwest USA gal. =) The names are wonderful…such as “Arne”…it conjures up fairys, woodland nymphs and knights on white horses. LOL

    Well, I’ve rattled on enough. You can find me as SEMOkraftee at Swap-Bot and my little newly budding blog is here – http://mycreationsandotherstuff.blogspot.com/

    Gaye Miller
    Bernie, Missouri USA

  2. I created a very long comment earlier today, but it’s not here. =( Not sure what happened. Anyway, I found your blog through a Flckr photo on the Swap Bot homepage. Like you, I love to browse the “charity” shops for treasures. But I’ve never thought to post photos of my found treasures on my blog. My newly budding blog needs all the help it can get. =) I have enjoyed reading your posts and love the photos of the countryside. The UK seems so romantic to this ol’ gal from the midwest USA. The names of the towns and villages – such as Arne – conjure up daydreams of fairies, princesses and knights on white horses.

    Your jewelry is wonderful. I’ve not checked out your Etsy shop..I’m sure it would be too tempting.

    I’ll be checking back with you.

    Gaye Miller
    SE Missorui USA

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