The Adventures of Moopy in Sheffield: Part 1

August 18, 2009

A while ago I took part in my first softie swap. I love softies but hadn’t really made any before, except for little tiny ones made from felt. Unfortunately the photos I took of my softie are on another camera that I can’t find the lead for at the moment so I’ll have to share them with you another time.

My partner was the very talented Lisa and she made me a lovely mini moopy:

Sheffield 021small

Moopy came to Sheffield with us so that I could show you some of the places we visited without having to get in front of the camera myself! The photo above was taken in a little pub in Bakewell, where we spent a nice relaxing afternoon pottering around the shops and walking along the riverbank.

Sheffield 019small

Of course, being in Bakewell we had to try a proper Bakewell pudding!

Sheffield 024small

It was deemed acceptable by the highly critical panel.

Sheffield 025small

Since we were last in the city, the Wheel of Sheffield has been put up at the top of the high street. It is a bit like the London Eye but smaller and you get your own little capsule as long as it’s not really busy. Of course we had to have a go, but unfortunately Moopy wasn’t with us as we were on our way back from quite a smart restaurant (Silversmiths, the one Gordon Ramsay sorted out last year).

Sheffield 077small

Sheffield 062small

It’s getting late so I’ll save the rest of the trip for another post. Happy Tuesday! (just)



  1. What a cute little creature, these are the best kind, you don’t have to feed them. Thanks for your kind comments too.

  2. […] you enjoyed the first installments of Moopy’s adventures and would like the chance to win a lovely mini moopy doll of your own, head over to […]

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