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Moopy meets… Justin Langer!

September 12, 2009

Since we are trying to retain some shred of dignity today in the 1 day series against Australia (We lost the first 3 games, getting progressively worse) I thought it would be a good chance to show you this.

A few weeks ago we watched Somerset play Sussex at their home ground of Taunton. It was a good game (Somerset won, woo!) and went on fairly late because it was a day-night game. (At this point I’d like to apologise to any non-cricket fans, a day-night game starts in the late afternoon so people can often get there after work and goes on with floodlights after dark. Try here if you want to know anything about the game.) Because of the huge queues to get out of the ground and the car park we decided to hang around a bit to see if we could meet any of the players. The only other people doing this were a crowd of 10 year old boys wanting autographs and some of their pushy dads (“Get that one boys! He’s a good one to get!”)

Moopy is quite the cricket fan so we’d taken him with us, and he insisted on staying right until the last minute so he could meet the Somerset captain, Justin Langer. Luckily for us, when he finally emerged Justin was most obliging and even gave Moopy a kiss before posing for a photo. (Even if he did look completely mystified by the whole thing. I guess it made a change from all the young lads asking for autographs!)

cricket, friends, worth matravers 025

Thanks very much Mr Langer for making a little rabbit very happy!


…Part 2

August 20, 2009

The hotel we stayed in had quite a nice bar where they served a full English breakfast every day. Of course Moopy had to try it and luckily it passed muster.

Sheffield 031small

We visited the Weston Park Museum where there was an excellent exhibition about insects as well as the regular rooms showing the history of Sheffield and the metalworking industries, and a lovely natural history section.

Sheffield 048small

Moopy wasn’t scared of the bears but prefered to play with new friends in the polar exhibit.

Sheffield 051small

We spent a lovely afternoon in the botanical gardens. It was a warm sunny day so most of Sheffield had the same idea and it was hard to find any space on the grass! We eventually negotiated the footballs and frisbees and sat under some magnolia trees with the radio to listen to test match special. Unfortunately it was the last couple of hours of England’s dismal defeat in the 4th test of the Ashes, but as we new it was inevitable by that point it didn’t spoil the afternoon too much! (Better luck this weekend boys, although judging by the start today you’ll need it!)

Sheffield 100small

Sheffield 101small

Sheffield 105small

Sheffield 121

There is even a bear pit which I didn’t know about until this visit. You could go inside which was a bit spooky, there are still little alcoves in the sides leading into the ring.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of Sheffield, I think Moopy will be back on the blog in the future!


The Adventures of Moopy in Sheffield: Part 1

August 18, 2009

A while ago I took part in my first softie swap. I love softies but hadn’t really made any before, except for little tiny ones made from felt. Unfortunately the photos I took of my softie are on another camera that I can’t find the lead for at the moment so I’ll have to share them with you another time.

My partner was the very talented Lisa and she made me a lovely mini moopy:

Sheffield 021small

Moopy came to Sheffield with us so that I could show you some of the places we visited without having to get in front of the camera myself! The photo above was taken in a little pub in Bakewell, where we spent a nice relaxing afternoon pottering around the shops and walking along the riverbank.

Sheffield 019small

Of course, being in Bakewell we had to try a proper Bakewell pudding!

Sheffield 024small

It was deemed acceptable by the highly critical panel.

Sheffield 025small

Since we were last in the city, the Wheel of Sheffield has been put up at the top of the high street. It is a bit like the London Eye but smaller and you get your own little capsule as long as it’s not really busy. Of course we had to have a go, but unfortunately Moopy wasn’t with us as we were on our way back from quite a smart restaurant (Silversmiths, the one Gordon Ramsay sorted out last year).

Sheffield 077small

Sheffield 062small

It’s getting late so I’ll save the rest of the trip for another post. Happy Tuesday! (just)