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Old Town Poole

September 2, 2009

It’s a very wet, miserable day here today so I’m looking back at some pictures I took at the weekend. We had a nice walk in the evening sunshine around the old part of town behind the quay.

Poole 023

Poole 025

There are lots of pretty cobbled streets with flowers spilling out from around doors and old fashioned buildlings and lamps. There are also a lot of traditional pubs and souvenir shops and it’s a very popular area with tourists.

Poole 028

Poole 026

Poole 031

Every friday evening throughout the summer the quay fills up with car fanatics showing off their shiny vehicles in a different theme every week. It’s quite good fun to watch them all driving along the seafront and the noise frm the engines can be amazing! That was certainly the case this week as it was classic American car night.

Poole 035

Poole 032

Poole 042

Poole 046

Poole 056

Poole 050

There were some very pretty cars, especially the red one and the yellow and white one, (I’m not an expert- can you tell?!) My favourite picture is this one above which was actually captured by Matt.

Hope you had a nice weekend too, I’ve got a work in progress to show you soon, and hopefully finish in the next couple of days.


Little things

March 10, 2009

There isn’t much to beat the excitement of the last few overs of a test match when you’ve just got the 8th wicket and need two more to win the game…

Even though the West Indies just beat us for the first time in 11 years it was high drama, and sometimes that’s just what you want, regardless of who wins. That’s one of the things I love about cricket, and one reason why the test match is such an important part of the game. Twenty20 may be gaining popularity around the world but there can never be the same suspense, which is why I think games like today can do so much for the sport.

Almost as exciting, however, is discovering a new charity shop with an almost limitless supply of old buttons!


…As well as lots of old postcards and several beautiful pieces of vintage jewellery, unfortunately mostly a bit pricey. I also managed to find this beautiful book at an antique shop for 50p!


I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them all yet. But I will use them. Because that justifies buying them and keeping them in little jars where they look beautiful until I use them. Doesn’t it?


Apology. With flowers.

March 8, 2009

Sorry for the slightly longer than intended absence from blogging. It’s funny, after the first week or so, when I was just busy, I found that whenever I had the time to sit down and write I couldn’t think of anything to say. Then it became a bit of a demon, something that I should do, not something that I wanted to do, and the longer I left it the harder it was to think of something to write about! I didn’t start this blog for it to become a chore, so I’ve just left it for a bit.


But having spent some time in the last few days catching up with some of the wonderful blogs I follow (many of them listed in the sidebar) I’m feeling much more inspired and ready to get back to regular posting. Does this lack of mojo affect all bloggers at some point? Probably not after only a month of writing! It does seem that most of the blogs I read are updated regularly and don’t seem to suffer from long periods of “I don’t know what to write”. Maybe there is a trick I don’t know about.


Just to prove that spring is really on the way… Even though we were hit by another 4 inches of snow on Thursday!

key charms

These are some charms I’ve made recently for an upcoming charm swap hosted by Amber. They are made from little keys with beads wrapped around them. These old keys are another thing I tend to hoard, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to make use of them and let someone else enjoy them. I’ll try to be back soon to share some little pretties I found recently.



February 3, 2009

The last 2 days have seen a very rare thing in this part of the world. Actual snow! We had barely an inch, but thats better than nothing! (Which has been the average snowfall here for the last 10 years or so)


I know there must be many people in more northerly places who are sick of the sight of it, and having their lives disrupted by power cuts and being snowed in, so sorry to you guys! And those of you down under who’d probably love a bit of this weather at the moment!


I find it quite amusing how we can’t cope with snow in England. Everything sort of grinds to a halt. As I said, we only had about an inch of snow here, but that has been enough to close most of the schools in the area and put out warnings that people should only travel if it is really necessary. How do people live in areas that have several feet of snow every year? How does the transport network keep going? And phones? And power? We just couldn’t do it.

squirrel tracks