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Old Town Poole

September 2, 2009

It’s a very wet, miserable day here today so I’m looking back at some pictures I took at the weekend. We had a nice walk in the evening sunshine around the old part of town behind the quay.

Poole 023

Poole 025

There are lots of pretty cobbled streets with flowers spilling out from around doors and old fashioned buildlings and lamps. There are also a lot of traditional pubs and souvenir shops and it’s a very popular area with tourists.

Poole 028

Poole 026

Poole 031

Every friday evening throughout the summer the quay fills up with car fanatics showing off their shiny vehicles in a different theme every week. It’s quite good fun to watch them all driving along the seafront and the noise frm the engines can be amazing! That was certainly the case this week as it was classic American car night.

Poole 035

Poole 032

Poole 042

Poole 046

Poole 056

Poole 050

There were some very pretty cars, especially the red one and the yellow and white one, (I’m not an expert- can you tell?!) My favourite picture is this one above which was actually captured by Matt.

Hope you had a nice weekend too, I’ve got a work in progress to show you soon, and hopefully finish in the next couple of days.